Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall (Oh, wait…that was me)

ImageI haven’t written in a while, but its not because of a lack of inspiration.  Thanks to climate change, mother nature or simply this horrible winter, I fell on snow and broke a limb.  

I’ve said this for years…Falling humbles real people real fast!  I recall a couple of years ago when my husband (then fiancee) kept forgetting to take out the trash. I’d constantly remind him “don’t forget to take out the trash” and he’d say “I won’t.” Then he’d forget anyway.  

One morning I was already in a bad mood and he left out of the house without taking the trash AGAIN. So I quickly went outside right behind him (trash in hand) and dumped it into the can. When I was walking away, I slipped on ice and fell flat on my behind.  All of my attitude and sassiness left immediately.

I laughed about it later with coworkers sharing my theory that falling (especially in front of someone as an adult takes us down a few notches).  No matter how mad or tough we may be in a situation, tripping and falling will bring you down a few levels.

So this more serious fall that resulted in surgery reeaallyy made me humble. For the first week or so, I couldn’t get around on my own because of the pain and I was just beginning to use the crutches.  I had to depend on others to drive me to doctor’s appointments, get me food, even help me make it to the bathroom.  (I had 3 minor slips after the big one, hey, it was my first time on crutches, you understand).  I never had to rely on anyone like this before.  Frustrating, yet humbling.

So aside from being humbled after dealing with my emotions of sadness and anger because I couldn’t go to work, I’ve gained an appreciation for people with disabilities and anyone dealing with injuries in general.  I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself, but then I’d run across people on TV who lost a limb in war or who were in some crazy accident. I thought to myself, hey, I got off easy compared to these folks.  Now, though not fully recovered, I am definitely more inspired and looking forward to blessings to come. 

#ThingsCouldBeWorse #CountingMyBlessings


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