Change, love it or hate it, happens to all of us. We grow, age, sometimes we regress but there is always change.

Interestingly, I’ve spoken with people who are against change completely. They’ll use phrases like “I’m never going to change,” “getting married and having children won’t change me,” and “money changed them.” As a creature of habit, I understand resistance to change. Even if you’re in bleak situation, there is comfort in knowing what the situation is day by day. However, I recognize that change is inevitable and that the word change has no negative or positive meaning.

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines change as “to become different.” Becoming different doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can be, and some times it is, but it doesn’t have to be the default.

I’m going through several life changes right now, some of which I’m going through begrudgingly. What I’m learning, and continue to remind myself, is that my present situation is changing in a way I don’t want it to BUT this change presents opportunity. Opportunity to try new things, immerse myself in familiar things and to let go of this notion that I can control everything.

So here’s to living life and accepting change.