The Darkness of Television

As I scroll through the tv guide trying to find something to watch, I can’t help but notice the increasing number of dark tv shows.  From the vampire craze to the zombie craze, there’s not much room for comedy or simple drama.  There are some comedies and dramas out there that aren’t as dark, but only a few. Shows like Criminal Minds and Law & Order: SVU have been getting darker as the seasons go on.  Don’t get me started on The Walking Dead, Grimm or The Vampire Diaries.


The Walking Dead–See what I mean?! This could haunt a kid for weeks!! Hell, it could haunt an adult!

This is either a sign that I’m getting old, or that maybe tv is taking a turn for the worse.  I can’t even watch a show with my kid without a scary commercial popping up with zombie or vampires. Or better yet a movie trailer with demons haunting a family. As an adult, I don’t mind watching the occasional episode of the Walking Dead or something similar, but I don’t think kids should be exposed to it when watching age appropriate programming or something as simple as the local news (which is frightening enough).  I don’t remember so many dark programs being advertised when I was a kid.  All I know is these dark ass tv shows are too much and to quote Seth Meyers’ parody of millennials “I just can’t even…”

#Limitdarktvshows #myrantfortheday